The news is I’m pregnant with my fifth child. Five. Cinco. Cinque. My husband knows, and a few others that I had to tell in order to keep the sanity.  We are super excited and super scared. (Normal). We are super scared of the bills, the workload, the c-section costs, time management.   I am faced with running a bigger corporation at home than I do at work.  Babies are easy. Sweet, beautiful, and so far (knock on wood) a breeze. It’s when you have a three year old in chronic whine mode, a seven year old who is a combo crafter-hoarder, a five year old who wants you to read to him all day long because he just learned how…and a one year old who is discovering her world including the toilets- that you start to freak about how you could possibly do it all.

I had been on three months of high dose estrogen following some severe woman issues, and had gone back into the Dr. to re-ultrasound   a 4 cm mass.   He gave me the ok to stop the estrogen.  And guess what? I tested pregnant a few days later.  As my husband calls me, I’m a proven performer.   I’ll go in a few weeks to check cinco out, but for right now I have to focus on getting my mind and body focused. I also have to continue to read every night to the four that need read to, put the love and energy into my other “baby” (my business), and make sure my family is healthy and organized.

I signed back up for emeals.  We have four kids under 7. I make an emeals meal and it feeds us all. Maybe not for long, but the $110 grocery bill for the week was worth it.  The kids loved the foods.  Motivated moms has a free app now, so I am starting for a couple of weeks to get into the routine.  To not sit when I need to be cooking, to fold instead of staring at Pinterest.  I need lists.

I’m about to get back to my night time feature of Talledega Nights, “if you ain’t first, you last.”

Send kindness out with everything you do.  Be joyful.






it has been 6 months since my last confession.  A lot has happened.  The husband and I celebrated our wedding day “officially” with vows, reception, dinner, and world’s best friends and family by our side.  Except for my dad. Another story, another time so we are just going to leave that there.  I mean best day ever. At P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm.  I was made to look like a beautiful Priscilla Presley, and the kids…so cute and crazy in their custom Converse.  My husband was re-named the Silver Fox by my beautification expert.  And I admit, he is.

Since that time we finally moved out of our tiny two bedroom house with four kids into a badass 1970’s sprawling not-so-mid century mansion.   This house is awesome and holds four kids perfectly, very comfortably. We moved into a neighborhood where at any given time three are 14 children playing out in the street.  I have a super exciting announcement next post.  The coolest part is no one that knows me reads this so my super secrets can stay that way. Yay!!!!!image

Until next time: have a fabulous day, if I could give one piece of advice for the week it would be to be kinder.  Be kinder to your kids, be kinder to your lover, be kinder to yourself. If you try speaking to your spouse or friends the way you may speak to your kids- see the outcome.  You will probably discover positive potential.  The world will change drastically.   I promise.


Snow Day #7


In our fabulous state of Arkansas we are in this Shade of Grey (another post) when it comes to snow.  We can’t drive in it.  We still go to Kroger to buy six gallons of milk and 10 loaves of bread because we know we will be snowed in for weeks the week before the local meteorologist on KARK 4 says the word “snow”.   The sky may pour out .05 inch of ice, but it wreaks HAVOC upon the life.  I think the City of Little Rock even purchased one extra snow plow last you year.  Minnesota:  we got nothin’ on you.  But we probably would come out ahead in terms of how much we prepare for the worst.  Tomorrow will be out of school for seven days.  SEVEN DAYS inside with FOUR children.  I feel that my creative, mothering, artistic side is being given a slow torturous death sentence, I’m scraping Pinterest for not only indoor activities and cool recipes for kids but how to achieve inner peace.   If anyone has any obtainable suggestions, please bring them on.  Remember, I’m pretty much iced in.  The husband is the best snow/ice driver I know, but I always get scared nonetheless.

1.  I can’t believe that Hillary Clinton’s person email account is winning NBC’s nightly news.  Click.  I’m in love with her NY home though.  Beautiful!

2.  Our Satellite TV just went out secondary to snow, so never mind the click.  Boo.

3.  I was counting on a night of pizza, salad, and beer from Zaza- my go to pizza joint…but the ice will probably keep me in eating a frozen Annie’s indian dish.

4.  You know those catheter ads on TV:  I get mad every time I see one:  the advertisement guy makes it seem like it’s some privilege to have a urinary catheter that decreases pain and discomfort and is discreet,  SHOULDN’T THAT BE A RIGHT???? Not some privilege?

On a positive note:  In our family we have had the stomach bug three times since October, and as I was leaving school with 3/4 kids, I saw a little girl in my son’s class hurl chunks all over the floor.  And I thought, at least that won’t be us.  (Is that wrong?)

Ha, I’m signing out.  Wish me luck on Day 7!


March 2, Dr. Suess’ Birthday


..Which means that tomorrow, March 3rd is International Pancake Day, which also means Free Pancakes at IHOP pretty much all day long.  How do I know this?  I’m a pancake lova.  I have my mix ready to add the wet ingredients out on the counter; and as the husband pointed out: two eggs ready to be rolled onto the floor at 6:00 am by two curiously naughty kiddos (Thing 1 and Thing 2).  So if we make it tomorrow to pancake day, and the eggs are still on the counter breakfast will be awesome.  I mean; if the kids are all well behaved, get dressed, don’t wake up at 5, brush teeth, make bed, don’t complain, not fighting with each other….and the eggs are still on the counter…THEN we will have a good morning.

Number three has caught another little bug and is coughing again, poor baby.  And yes, I’m doing a homeopathic (she has no fever and is otherwise a healthy baby).  Since I’m also a nurse practitioner by profession I can’t ignore the goodness and validity oof western medicine.  Research has spoken: outbreaks have happened…cough cough…MEASLES.

Any-who.  The big kids were back in school today (I’ll refer to the school kids as “the big three”, and I think they all returned better than I left them.  The crankiness was lifted by the day’s activities and conversations with friends.  A dressed up Cat in the Hat greeted Nelly Belle as the husband and I dropped her off today.  She did look back at us like “WTH mom…you are leaving me here with this giant cat?????” But then turned smiled and went her happy way.

I’m thinking of a movie that was proclaimed as a big money waster movie “Story of Us”,  you know the one that was mentioned in Comedy Central’s Toast of Rob Reiner? Well I happen to love this movie.  In some tragic romance addiction that I have; I like to take the “hi-lo” scene of the movie where the entire family sits down and says their hi’s and low’s.  I have a friends who do this too when we are at their home for dinner.

But for ME tonight, the high was having a GOOD night.  The kids were well behaved, responded well to instructions, in proportion have more hugs and kisses than hits to each other.  The kids dined on a roasted chicken, with roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and celery.  And asked for thirds.  Olivia completed her homework, and then went further to play school with her little brother and was working on his math skills (he is in pre-k, so these skills are still in VERY early stages).  But to just witness the brother and sister bond, how Olivia was being the quizmaster and Joseph the patient and willing student.  So awesome.  I’m sure Joseph’s teacher Mrs. Walter and Olivia’s teacher Mrs. Simpson have a lot to do with this.  So thanks.

The husband and I were able to complete a fabulous workout with each other earlier in the day; and I will salute him for how well we work together. Marriage says there isn’t a choice, but there must be levels oneness there are- and we….well, I hate to brag. But we are at the top of that scale.  We will have our off days and we joke about them.  I am graced to see him be world’s best dad, and did I see this coming?  Absolutely. Did I see how an amazing husband he was going to be? Yep.

So, I’m my fashion, I’m going to romanticize how awesome the day was in the big picture.  Yes there were  a few time outs, reminders on better attitudes, but there were also precious moments of young kiddos working together as a team,  visits from relatives through our open door, victories on our tennis courts (old and young!)  I’m totally excited for March 3, 2015.  Pancake Day!

With Love,


Uh oh- it’s almost March. In 2015.


Looks like I forgot to follow through on this blogging Been a little busy.  So between all my apps, books, gadgets; I would give myself 4/5 stars on improving our world.

Health wise; although not 100% compliant; we have had success on 100 Days of Real Food.  I have (except for some delicious chocolatety cereals), rid the pantry of the crap.  Whole grain, organic, etc…we got it.  You will find me sporting a bag of Fritos when I make chili, and when we have the stomach virus I buy banana popsicles and Sprite.  It happens and personally I don’t think there is anything negative. Haters gonna hate.   I love that my kids are putting wholesome ingredients in their bodies and hopefully prolonging their healthy years.   I cook a lot more, the kids lunches are made of whole grain waffles with cream cheese and strawberries, cheese cubes, and grapes.  Oh yeah, and turns out PB&J can be on the list.   I started “Quattro” on organic formula. ($$$$$, boo).  They didn’t even have that when #1 was born.  #1 is super crazy smart and healthy, my thought is that I’ll do the best I can for them with what I can at the time.

For for the grown ups in the house, we are juicing more; making smoothies with stuff like flax…whaaa??? We are exercizing more (atleast I am).  We eat carbs, I do mostly purchase from a local bakery.  It turns out I can cook normally even while eating whole foods.  The biggest pain is the time it takes to grocery shop at a non-Whole Foods grocery store.  As I do.

I have so much to share on child discipline, using Pinterest :), babyhood, organization, The Honest Company.  Will write more.

With Love,



I’m coming from a place of needing, committing to making life better for the children I have, and world’s most amazing husband.  I owe this to them; to be happier, more organized, less frazzled…because they are all huge gifts to me.  I have purchased books, joined websites, purchased apps, started a Berkley course on the subject of Happiness; I have my foot mostly out the door of my old ways and sorting through the “How’s, Why’s, and When’s” of creating this new life.  A more positive life, a sweet life.  I feel that as a mom of the household I am kind of in charge of all this, and everything I do majorly affects everyone around me.  If I am in a foul mood, the kids are in a bad mood, the husband gets the brunt of it….and really…did anyone deserve any airing of negativity because I’m stressed?  Nope.

Right now life has been attempts at organization, hiring organizers, hiring nannies (who have been fabulous I may add).  Life has been plain chaotic.  I was a nurse practitioner at a Children’s Hospital which is a job I really loved and was honored to have; I was just unable to give what needed to be given to the workplace after the birth of the 4th child. My husband and I recently took over parenting FOUR babies (3 months, 2 years, 4 years, and 6 years) and the household responsibilities that go with that.  OH and also trying to keep my cyclist husband at his highest performance which means spending a little bit more time away from him, figuring out the best things to put into his body (or at least being concerned that what I am putting into his body MAY not be the best).

Anywho, my goal for my family is to have a healthier family inside and out.  Inside through the foods, thoughts, words, we place in our bodies; and outside through the activities we do, how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves.  I believe its possible.  With help.  Help of each family member, and the help of several products that I have chosen to assist myself in this process.


Listed below are my media assistants:

1.  The book “From Frazzled to Focused”

2.  The iphone app “Motivated Moms”

3.  The iphone app “Home Routine”

4.  100 days of real food

5.   Alan Lim “The Feedzone Cookbook”

6.  The Science of Happiness- Berkley GG101x Course