The news is I’m pregnant with my fifth child. Five. Cinco. Cinque. My husband knows, and a few others that I had to tell in order to keep the sanity.  We are super excited and super scared. (Normal). We are super scared of the bills, the workload, the c-section costs, time management.   I am faced with running a bigger corporation at home than I do at work.  Babies are easy. Sweet, beautiful, and so far (knock on wood) a breeze. It’s when you have a three year old in chronic whine mode, a seven year old who is a combo crafter-hoarder, a five year old who wants you to read to him all day long because he just learned how…and a one year old who is discovering her world including the toilets- that you start to freak about how you could possibly do it all.

I had been on three months of high dose estrogen following some severe woman issues, and had gone back into the Dr. to re-ultrasound   a 4 cm mass.   He gave me the ok to stop the estrogen.  And guess what? I tested pregnant a few days later.  As my husband calls me, I’m a proven performer.   I’ll go in a few weeks to check cinco out, but for right now I have to focus on getting my mind and body focused. I also have to continue to read every night to the four that need read to, put the love and energy into my other “baby” (my business), and make sure my family is healthy and organized.

I signed back up for emeals.  We have four kids under 7. I make an emeals meal and it feeds us all. Maybe not for long, but the $110 grocery bill for the week was worth it.  The kids loved the foods.  Motivated moms has a free app now, so I am starting for a couple of weeks to get into the routine.  To not sit when I need to be cooking, to fold instead of staring at Pinterest.  I need lists.

I’m about to get back to my night time feature of Talledega Nights, “if you ain’t first, you last.”

Send kindness out with everything you do.  Be joyful.





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