Snow Day #7


In our fabulous state of Arkansas we are in this Shade of Grey (another post) when it comes to snow.  We can’t drive in it.  We still go to Kroger to buy six gallons of milk and 10 loaves of bread because we know we will be snowed in for weeks the week before the local meteorologist on KARK 4 says the word “snow”.   The sky may pour out .05 inch of ice, but it wreaks HAVOC upon the life.  I think the City of Little Rock even purchased one extra snow plow last you year.  Minnesota:  we got nothin’ on you.  But we probably would come out ahead in terms of how much we prepare for the worst.  Tomorrow will be out of school for seven days.  SEVEN DAYS inside with FOUR children.  I feel that my creative, mothering, artistic side is being given a slow torturous death sentence, I’m scraping Pinterest for not only indoor activities and cool recipes for kids but how to achieve inner peace.   If anyone has any obtainable suggestions, please bring them on.  Remember, I’m pretty much iced in.  The husband is the best snow/ice driver I know, but I always get scared nonetheless.

1.  I can’t believe that Hillary Clinton’s person email account is winning NBC’s nightly news.  Click.  I’m in love with her NY home though.  Beautiful!

2.  Our Satellite TV just went out secondary to snow, so never mind the click.  Boo.

3.  I was counting on a night of pizza, salad, and beer from Zaza- my go to pizza joint…but the ice will probably keep me in eating a frozen Annie’s indian dish.

4.  You know those catheter ads on TV:  I get mad every time I see one:  the advertisement guy makes it seem like it’s some privilege to have a urinary catheter that decreases pain and discomfort and is discreet,  SHOULDN’T THAT BE A RIGHT???? Not some privilege?

On a positive note:  In our family we have had the stomach bug three times since October, and as I was leaving school with 3/4 kids, I saw a little girl in my son’s class hurl chunks all over the floor.  And I thought, at least that won’t be us.  (Is that wrong?)

Ha, I’m signing out.  Wish me luck on Day 7!



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