Uh oh- it’s almost March. In 2015.


Looks like I forgot to follow through on this blogging Been a little busy.  So between all my apps, books, gadgets; I would give myself 4/5 stars on improving our world.

Health wise; although not 100% compliant; we have had success on 100 Days of Real Food.  I have (except for some delicious chocolatety cereals), rid the pantry of the crap.  Whole grain, organic, etc…we got it.  You will find me sporting a bag of Fritos when I make chili, and when we have the stomach virus I buy banana popsicles and Sprite.  It happens and personally I don’t think there is anything negative. Haters gonna hate.   I love that my kids are putting wholesome ingredients in their bodies and hopefully prolonging their healthy years.   I cook a lot more, the kids lunches are made of whole grain waffles with cream cheese and strawberries, cheese cubes, and grapes.  Oh yeah, and turns out PB&J can be on the list.   I started “Quattro” on organic formula. ($$$$$, boo).  They didn’t even have that when #1 was born.  #1 is super crazy smart and healthy, my thought is that I’ll do the best I can for them with what I can at the time.

For for the grown ups in the house, we are juicing more; making smoothies with stuff like flax…whaaa??? We are exercizing more (atleast I am).  We eat carbs, I do mostly purchase from a local bakery.  It turns out I can cook normally even while eating whole foods.  The biggest pain is the time it takes to grocery shop at a non-Whole Foods grocery store.  As I do.

I have so much to share on child discipline, using Pinterest :), babyhood, organization, The Honest Company.  Will write more.

With Love,



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