I’m coming from a place of needing, committing to making life better for the children I have, and world’s most amazing husband.  I owe this to them; to be happier, more organized, less frazzled…because they are all huge gifts to me.  I have purchased books, joined websites, purchased apps, started a Berkley course on the subject of Happiness; I have my foot mostly out the door of my old ways and sorting through the “How’s, Why’s, and When’s” of creating this new life.  A more positive life, a sweet life.  I feel that as a mom of the household I am kind of in charge of all this, and everything I do majorly affects everyone around me.  If I am in a foul mood, the kids are in a bad mood, the husband gets the brunt of it….and really…did anyone deserve any airing of negativity because I’m stressed?  Nope.

Right now life has been attempts at organization, hiring organizers, hiring nannies (who have been fabulous I may add).  Life has been plain chaotic.  I was a nurse practitioner at a Children’s Hospital which is a job I really loved and was honored to have; I was just unable to give what needed to be given to the workplace after the birth of the 4th child. My husband and I recently took over parenting FOUR babies (3 months, 2 years, 4 years, and 6 years) and the household responsibilities that go with that.  OH and also trying to keep my cyclist husband at his highest performance which means spending a little bit more time away from him, figuring out the best things to put into his body (or at least being concerned that what I am putting into his body MAY not be the best).

Anywho, my goal for my family is to have a healthier family inside and out.  Inside through the foods, thoughts, words, we place in our bodies; and outside through the activities we do, how we treat each other, how we treat ourselves.  I believe its possible.  With help.  Help of each family member, and the help of several products that I have chosen to assist myself in this process.


Listed below are my media assistants:

1.  The book “From Frazzled to Focused”

2.  The iphone app “Motivated Moms”

3.  The iphone app “Home Routine”

4.  100 days of real food

5.   Alan Lim “The Feedzone Cookbook”

6.  The Science of Happiness- Berkley GG101x Course


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